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To play an audio CD in MPD, it must first be 'ripped' onto your hard drive.

Ripping ClientsEdit

Console Edit

KDE Edit

Mac OsX Edit

  • iTunes


Play without RippingEdit

There is also a posibility to play Audio-CDs using gvfs - the new Gnome Virtual File System.

The useraccount under wich mpd is running must be a "normal" User. To run mpd as user "mpd" dose not work (i didn´t find out a way to mount a Audio-CD with gvfs as user "mpd")

If you use gnome (or only nautilus under another windowmanager), the mounting of a audio-CD works automatically. The following steps are for manually mounting.

Even, if you don´t run gnome, you can use gvfs. To mount a Audio-CD use

gvfs-mount cdda://sr0 (or gvfs-mount -d /dev/cdrom)

sr0 (or /dev/cdrom) must be your cdrom-device. You can find out the right code with

gvfs-mount -l


Drive(1): CD/DVD-Laufwerk
  Type: GProxyDrive (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
  Volume(0): Audio-CD
    Type: GProxyVolume (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)
    Mount(0): Audio-CD -> cdda://sr0/
      Type: GProxyShadowMount (GProxyVolumeMonitorGdu)

for the cd-device

You find content of the CD in ~/.gvfs as tracks in *.wav-Format. The ~/.gvfs-directory has only acces from the owner. Even root has no access in this directory!!! That´s the reason why you have to run mpd as a "normal" user. The permissionmask is 700. I didn´t find out a way till now, how to change the file-permissions or how to mount a cd as user "mpd" whith gvfs...

I symlinked the whole ~/.gvfs-directory to my music-directory from mpd.

cd /var/lib/mpd/music

ln -s /home/jakob/.gvfs

(this is the directory given in /etc/mpd.conf)

update the database of mpd using mpc

mpc update music/.gvfs

and you can play the audio-CD directly without ripping it to the HD. Have fun.

If someone finds out, how to mount a Audio-CD with gvfs as user "mpd", please update this article

to use gvfs without GUI (via ssh or on a terminal as user mpd) you can use

dbus-launch gvfs-mount ....

but this doesn´t work for me here on my computer.

Automatic mounting und updating the mpd-db without gnome/nautilusEdit

If you don´t use nautilus or gnome (here is fvwm2 at work) you can automatic this mounting and updating using cdde.

You find a file ~./cdde.xml after you install cdde in your home-directory. cdde recognize when you insert a CD/DVD in your drive and can start some action.

The content originally is:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cdde delay="5000000">
  <drive path="/dev/cdrom">
    <audio command="echo An audio cd was inserted."/>
    <data command="echo A data cd was inserted."/>
    <dvd command="echo A dvd was inserted."/>
    <vcd command="echo A vcd was inserted."/>
    <svcd command="echo A svcd was inserted."/>
    <blank command="echo A blank cdr/dvdr was inserted."/>
    <mixed command="echo A mixed (audio/data) cd was inserted."/>

This produces only a message with the CD/DVD-type in the log (syslog).

A script mounts the cd automatically and updates the mpd-database:

change the line in .cdde-xml for the audio-cd to

<audio command="/usr/local/bin/cdde-audio %dev%"/>

and /usr/local/bin/cdde-audio has the following content:

DRIVE=`readlink -f "$1"`
echo "A audio cd was inserted" |logger -t $ID
echo "${DRIVE##/dev} $2"|logger -t $ID
echo "mount Audio-CD in $HOME/.gvfs"|logger -t "$ID"
gvfs-mount cdda:/"${DRIVE#/dev}" 2>&1 |logger -t "$ID"
echo "update mpd-database"|logger -t "$ID"
mpc -v --wait update Musik/andere_Filesysteme|logger -t "$ID"

Playing CDs directly from MPD Edit

If you configured MPD with the cdio_paranoia input plugin, you can add cdda:// to the playlist to play a CD. See the MPD user documentation for more information.

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