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Last FM service changesEdit

As of 28th April, 2014, Last FM no longer offer a streaming radio API. It was a sad, sad day in history. As such, you can expect the following not to work (untried). Radio streaming in MPD Edit

MusicPD 0.15 introduces native experimental support for Radio streaming. The hope is to have a more stable version in 0.16. To get started, you will need to be prepared to compile mpd from source, and you need a username and password.

1. The first step is to get the latest source code from here: MusicPD_SourceForge or from git (see here): Development

2. Next, you will need to configure your build environment for your OS/platform, and to enable support

./configure --enable-lastfm

3. Pay attention to the summary at the end of the ./configure script, and re-run as necessary (./configure --help if stuck). Then compile and install.

gmake install

4. You will need to configure your username and password in the mpd.conf file as follows. Obviously, replace "my_username" and "my_password" with valid user credentials.

0.15 Example:

input {
       plugin          "lastfm"
       user            "my_username"
       password        "my_password"

0.16 (git) Example:

playlist_plugin {
       name            "lastfm"
       user            "my_username"
       password        "my_password"

5. You now just need to restart mpd, and tell it to start playing streams.

6. The input plugin uses standard urls for starting the streams. Here are some examples:

  • lastfm://user/${user}
  • lastfm://user/${user}/loved
  • lastfm://user/${user}/personal
  • lastfm://user/${user}/recommended
  • lastfm://user/${user}/playlist
  • lastfm://usertags/${user}/${usertag}
  • lastfm://artist/${artist}/similarartists
  • lastfm://artist/${artist}/fans
  • lastfm://globaltags/${globaltag}
  • lastfm://genre/Classic Rock
  • lastfm://genre/Jazz

0.15 Example:

mpc add "lastfm://artist/Beatles"

0.16 (git) Example:

mpc load "lastfm://artist/Beatles"
7. Enjoy! Remember, support is currently experimental (as of 0.15), so please report any bugs in Mantis

Check out the already reported related bugs here: Mantis search

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