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MusicPD 0.15 introduces native experimental support for Radio streaming. The hope is to have a more stable version in 0.16. To get started, you will need to be prepared to compile mpd from source, and you need a username and password.

1. The first step is to get the latest source code from here: MusicPD_SourceForge or from git (see here): Development

2. Next, you will need to configure your build environment for your OS/platform, and to enable support

./configure --enable-lastfm

3. Pay attention to the summary at the end of the ./configure script, and re-run as necessary (./configure --help if stuck). Then compile and install.

gmake install

4. You will need to configure your username and password in the mpd.conf file as follows. Obviously, replace "my_username" and "my_password" with valid user credentials.

0.15 Example:

input {
       plugin          "lastfm"
       user            "my_username"
       password        "my_password"

0.16 (git) Example:

playlist_plugin {
       name            "lastfm"
       user            "my_username"
       password        "my_password"

5. You now just need to restart mpd, and tell it to start playing streams.

6. The input plugin uses standard urls for starting the streams. Here are some examples:

  • lastfm://user/${user}
  • lastfm://user/${user}/loved
  • lastfm://user/${user}/personal
  • lastfm://user/${user}/recommended
  • lastfm://user/${user}/playlist
  • lastfm://usertags/${user}/${usertag}
  • lastfm://artist/${artist}/similarartists
  • lastfm://artist/${artist}/fans
  • lastfm://globaltags/${globaltag}
  • lastfm://genre/Classic Rock
  • lastfm://genre/Jazz

0.15 Example:

mpc add "lastfm://artist/Beatles"

0.16 (git) Example:

mpc load "lastfm://artist/Beatles"
7. Enjoy! Remember, support is currently experimental (as of 0.15), so please report any bugs in Mantis

Check out the already reported related bugs here: Mantis search

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