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Plaue/Germany, 24.Jul 2006: The source files of the mpd project have been added to the Comprehensive Source Database.

CSDB - What is it ?Edit

The Comprehensive Source Database collects download URLs of certain packages by their releases, so they're very easy to query. Automated systems like buildsystems or packager assistace tools, etc. can use this database directly to get URLs of source packages. This database can also be used for notification on arrival of new releases.

Why mpd in CSDBEdit

As mpd and its related packages (hosted on are quite interesting for lots of people and also shipped by several distros, they should be available in our source package database. There's no reason why it should not be in CSDB.

Some further words about the crawlingEdit

The CSDB is filled and updated by several crawlers (for certain sites). MPD got its own.

Since we've got no ftp directory for mpd, we have to crawl the download page. It seems to work, but isn't very fine. We can only get the latest releases this way, coming releases will be collected in CSDB over the time, but we won't get releases older than our first scan :( Maybe the mpd team will help us here.


This announcement has been contributed by Enrico Weigelt, metux IT service (founder of the CSDB project). Talks related to CSDB and this article should be directed to the Maillist.

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