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This script acts as a client for a MPD server and displays information about the current song being played through the org.freedesktop.Notifications DBus interface. By reusing (serializing/deserializing) the UID for the Notification window it guarantees the information will be displayed in the same window. By doing this, instead of using "pynotify" or the command line tool "notify-send", the script doesn't need to be run as a daemon, instead it should be called on a per command basis (like mpc). This is useful when the script is bound to keyboard shortcuts. It may execute any command supported by the mpd module and additionaly "toggle" and "info".

It supports two types of notification:

  • Desktop Notifications Specification through DBUS
  • XOSD through pyosd

Options can be passed as arguments and can also be fetched from a configuration file located by default at ~/.mpcosdrc, although a different path may be specified.

The format of the configuration file is as follows:

  • Lines beginning with a "#" are ignored
  • key = value pairs accepted only


python >= 2.5




an implementation of the Desktop Notifications Specification (e.g. notify-osd, xfce4-notifyd)



How to run itEdit

Usage: <options> [command]

See README in download page for more information.


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