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is a python script designed to add the missing randomness to mpd's albums.


  • Pick a random album from the playlist and play it
  • Daemon mode: Play a random album whenever you reach the end of the current one.
  • Shuffle: Shuffle all albums in the current playlist (seamless)


git clone git://
cd mpdrandom
sudo ./ install


usage: mpdrandom [-h] [-d] [-z] [-p PORT] [-u HOST] [--password PASSWORD]

Pick and play a random album from the current playlist

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --daemon          run the script in daemon mode.
  -z, --shuffle         shuffle the albums in the current playlist.
  -p PORT, --port PORT  specify mpd's port (defaults to 6600)
  -u HOST, --host HOST  specify mpd's host (defaults to
  --password PASSWORD   specify mpd's password

Get the latest version of the script from the git repo

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