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This page contains common errors from the MPD error file, and their cause.

Trouble creating directory /root/.mcop Edit

Short Answer: This isn't anything to worry about.

Long Answer: The reason this error occurs is a little complicated. First, you probably don't have a specific libao driver configured, and thus the "default" audio device is used by libao. In order to determine what this default device is, libao most probe the various possible devices (such as esd, OSS, ALSA, etc). If you have arts installed on your system, the libao will try to determine if arts is running and use arts if its available. If you have a `user` parameter specified in your MPD configuration file, then MPD switches to that user prior to libao probing for the default audio device. When libao probes arts, it tries to create some files in `$HOME/.mcop`. However, $HOME is probably still set to root's home directory. Consequently the `user` that MPD changed to does not have permission to create or modify any files in root's `$HOME`. And that's the story for why you get this error.

NOTE: This error will be fixed for future versions of MPD, if the `user` that MPD uses has a home directory.

Music files don't show Edit

This could happen for a number of different reasons, the easiest way to find out what the problem is, is to check your error_log.

  1. The user as set in the mpd.conf doesn't have permissions to the files or the parent directory. 9 out of 10 times this is the reason.
  2. You don't have support for the file type you're trying to play, built into MPD.
  3. The file is corrupted. Try another music player to confirm.

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