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Orphaned Clients Edit

These clients are mostly put here in case someone is searching for the code and historical purposes.

  • glurp - Another GTK2 client
  • Rails-Mpd - A new rails client which supports seeking, playlists and uses AJAX
  • arthist - Perl client to generate a web blog of MPD activity
  • gtk2mp - A GTK2 client
  • pympc - A GTK2 client written in Python (has been ported to MpcSharp).
  • kmp - A Qt Client
  • iMPD - A script written for irssi to make key bindings for mpd commands (requires mpc)
  • MPD Commander - A portable QT client made to look similar to winamp
  • mpsdl - An SDL client that is a port from an old client for BossOgg (BoSDL)
  • phpMpChanger - A simple Web Based CD-Changer/Mac-Finder Hybrid Client
  • phpMp2 - the sequel to phpMp
  • Lindele - A GTK2 Client.
  • MpcOSX - A Mac OS X client (10.4+) [no longer supported]
  • X4X - A Java client for MPD and xmms2
  • dfbmp - A client for Direct Frame Buffer
  • pyobmpc - A Python Openbox pipe menu client
  • mpcstick - A server/mpd client used to control your MPD with a joystick
  • JJJMPD - An incomplete Java MPD client which uses JavaMPD and SWT

Plugin Clients Edit

  • Foxytunes - A Mozilla Firefox media player control extension (Note: No longer works with MPD)

Logging Clients Edit

Zombie Clients Edit

These clients used to exist but have been completely wiped away from the internet. They are here as a reminder.

Graphical Clients Edit

  • cookies - A simple GTK2 client written in C.
  • Pygmy - A GTK+ client written in Python.

Java Edit

Other Edit

  • mpdbot - A MPD IRC bot that announces stream and song changes.

Web Clients Edit

  • Netmedia - a fork of Netjuke with the mpd patch neatly built in

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