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A lot of the problems with starting music player daemon, are due to a lack of permissions. Here some common causes and solutions will be added over time. Please get back here to document how you have overcome your permission problem.

User running mpdEdit

Testing on a Debian GNU/Linux (unstable) system revealed permission problems when ESD version 0.2.35 is used with a standard Debian configuration of MPD version 0.11.5.

First issue: the mpd user does not have the right to execute a shell. Change this by executing (as root):

# chsh -s /bin/true mpd

Second issue: if you want to be able to connect to spawned esd with other applications, you'll need to add in /etc/esound/esd.conf:

spawn_options=-tcp -public -terminate -nobeeps -as 5

These also can be overcome by changing settings in /etc/mpd.conf so as to relocate MPD's log, state, and database files from /var to a normal user directory, and by changing the default MPD user accordingly. For example, for user dwrob:

# required
playlist_directory "/mnt/peedee/MP3/Playlists"
music_directory    "/mnt/peedee/MP3/Music"
port               "6600"
# log_file         "/var/log/mpd/mpd.log"
log_file           "/home/dwrob/.mpd/mpd.log"
# error_file       "/var/log/mpd/errors.log"
error_file         "/home/dwrob/.mpd/errors.log"

# optional, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
#db_file           "/var/lib/mpd/mpddb"
db_file            "/home/dwrob/.mpd/mpddb"
# user             "mpd"
user               "dwrob"

# optional, but recommended
# state_file       "/var/lib/mpd/state"
state_file         "/home/dwrob/.mpd/state"

PulseAudio permission problemsEdit

One common source of problems with using PulseAudio, is that the user running mpd is not a member of the pulse-related groups. See the pulse configuration page for more details.

JACK permission problemsEdit

You might want to run mpd under the same user account than the one running jackd, since jackd doesn't seem to be multi-user designed.

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