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MPD has support for playlists in the M3U format. To use them, place them in the playlists folder defined in your .mpdconf file. Eg:

playlist_directory "~/.mpd/playlists"

Playlist FormattingEdit

MPD requires that music file locations in the playlist must be defined in reference to your MPD music folder, not the root of the volume. If you are having trouble getting a playlist to work, open up the M3U in any text editor and have a look at the directory references.

/Users/<username>/Music/MPD/Inhuman Rampage/Storming The Burning Fields.mp3
Will NOT work, as MPD will look for the users folder inside its music folder.

Instead, use

Inhuman Rampage/Storming The Burning Fields.mp3

Note that there must not be a / in front.

Creating playlistsEdit

This means that you cannot use programs like VLC to generate playlists.

Clients that can include:

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