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MPD git Repository Edit

MPD sources are managed in a git repository on

The MPD master repository is:

To get a copy of the current master branch, type (similar to "svn checkout"):

git clone git://

To update your working copy, cd to the mpd directory and type (similar to "svn update"):

git pull

Some notes on building mpd.

Git Packages Edit

These are packages made specifically for certain linux distributions.

Debian Edit

Debian nightly builds are currently offline, and we hope we will be able to provide new ones soon.

If you have installed MPD to /usr/local manually, you can still use the infrastructure from the vanilla Debian package:

/etc/init.d/mpd stop
echo DAEMON=/usr/local/bin/mpd >>/etc/default/mpd
/etc/init.d/mpd start

Arch Linux Edit

Arch users can get mpd from the extra repository. For most users, "pacman -S mpd" will suffice. It is reccommended to look at the wiki, though.

Experimental Gentoo Overlay Edit

The experimental Gentoo overlay was designed as a way to keep up-to-date. Most of it are live ebuilds, ebuilds that pull the latest master from whatever repository. It also includes ebuilds for clients that are not yet in portage.

git is required to pull the repository. The repository is available at git:// From time to time the git server will be unavailable, use the http mirror in that case.

You can view the activity from this repository.

Reporting Bugs Edit

If you run into any bugs with the overlay please report them using mantis

Portage Edit

MPD's portage overlay is also part of layman so all that's required to get the mpd-portage overlay is

emerge layman         
(source the layman config as per the information displayed from the ebuild)         
layman -a mpd

Now you should be able to do things such as:

emerge -pv mpd

(the version 9999 of this ebuild uses the current head revision of the repository)

Paludis Edit

The playman way:

playman -a mpd

The manual addition:

location = ${ROOT}/usr/local/portage/mpd         
sync = git:// 
names_cache = /var/empty         
master_repository = gentoo         
format = ebuild

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