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The idea is to write a nicely integrated application that allows people to listen to music, as well as share their preferences (Audioscrobbler style) and music (iTunes/DAAP style) with others. The network model should be something conducive to social-networking type interactions. An example would be to allow friends to 'subscribe' to each others' 'music feeds', while leaving the system open for others to interact with it. Therefore we can end up with a 'social internetwork' where users actively seek out music, and the application helps them do it. The idea here is to make an application that feels like a smart music player, rather than a web browser or file sharing app with a music player tacked on to it like an afterthought.

There are copyright issues involved here, so perhaps mechanisms could be devised to ensure that only certain types of content are shared (e.g. CreativeCommons), or maybe a micropayment system, if possible, to ensure that artists are compensated. Independent artists would probably like the distribution model here, since (I think) it would approximate their real-life 'tell your friends about us' model. (Disclaimer: I'm speculating here, I'm no expert on the music industry ;)


  1. share metadata + files
  2. share preferences, and correlations

Use CasesEdit


  1. p2p
  2. centralize repository of info?
  3. how to transfer files/music?
  4. how does this differ and can be integrated with xmms2/mpd?
  5. what format/protocol for sharing metadata/preferences/correlations?

Steps to SuccessEdit

  1. Define use cases
  2. define requirements
  3.  ???
  4. Profit!!!

Concept Edit


Simplified diagram showing how the SharePlayer concept could be implemented with XMMS2. Red denotes XMMS2 client communication protocol.

See also Edit (end of the chapter)

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