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chmod 770 /dev/snd -R && chgrp audio /dev/snd -R

It maybe necessary to add 'mpd to a specific group to have access to the sound card. Check your distribution but for many this group is actually the audio group.
You can check this with the following command:

groups mpd

To add mpd to the audio group, type the following in a shell as root:

usermod --groups --append audio mpd

Possible error messages:

  • problems opening audio device while playing "directory/filename.mp3"ALSA lib conf.c:3824:(parse_args) Unknown parameter 1 (yes, in one line)
  • ALSA lib conf.c:3946:(snd_config_expand) Parse arguments error: No such file or directory
  • ALSA lib control.c:817:(snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL hw:0,0
  • ALSA lib conf.c:3824:(parse_args) Unknown parameter 1
  • ERROR: problems opening audio device

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