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I was coming to this page, hoping that I would see some sort of page that allows for recommendations for MPD updates. Sadly, I can find no central repository for suggestions of any kind.

So hopefully, people will actually read this, and raise a stink!!!

My beef: it strikes me as abominable that my mplayer plugin in mozilla can decode any streaming format I can find on the web, and yet mpd cannot. Mplayer uses wine encapsulated windoze dlls to parse microsloth streams, why doesn't MPD?

I know what you're going to say... Don't listen to WMA streams. But there are numerous valuable audio resources that (right or wrong, and I'm leaning towards wrong) suffer from vendor lock-in and are either unwilling or unable to implement ogg streams or the like. We are the open source community! We pride ourselves in our flexibility, openness and in the tearing down of walls that bar us from desireable, valuable content. Why should MPD be any different?

So please set aside your revulsion for all things Gates-ian, and get with the program. Refusing to support these streams and the information they provide amounts to cutting off your nose to spite your face!!!


Why do we care what you want? We do this to scratch our itch, not yours. Why else will we not do this? Because it is probably against some law or violates some patent in the US (where this product is hosted). Look, It will never happen unless you get off your fat ass and do it yourself. We are not your personal developers. So the way I see it you have a few options here.

1) Decide to do the ethical thing and stop using wmas -- This was the easy one that you chose not to listen to. 2) Use another music player -- There are certainly some fine choices out there, use them. 3) Make your own plugin -- Code your own friggin plugin, and distribute it yourself. 4) Fork MPD, put in your own code -- Lets see how many people actually gives a shit about wma.

We're not cutting off our nose to spite our face. It doesn't help us at all having a huge following. We don't get any grants, or get paid any extra by the people who use our product.

But most of all, I really hope you can go troll someone elses music player wiki. Thank you.


Yea, cause all of that was necessary. Nice work, dick - you're the one trolling. A simple "sorry, we don't have the time to do this, but we are working on a plugin system, so maybe you can contribute some code there?" would have been fine.

I'd like to see a nice feature like sorting playlist/database entries by the time of adding to database. This way we could easily check recently added albums.

Ability to use Amarok database also could be considered although ratings and tags should stay on the client side (or maybe not?)


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