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I didn't know if I should go ahead and edit the page - I am new to wikis.

I think mpd should have some sort of optional support for playing individual files outside of the music library database. This would make it more useful for music and sound players on single-user desktops.

--M583 19:05, 28 May 2009 (UTC)

Auto-update Edit

So MPD only updates its database if you manually tell it to update? The client has no idea if something has changed on the server side. The server should just automatically keep track of changes to the files it can see, without a manual update command.

mpd-hits Edit

a beautiful program. It keeps track of all songs played.

I would like to have a html output of the mpd-hits-report. One html output each day.

Very simple for any programmer out there, I guess.



Could you please add the feature request on the mpd-hits project page on Savannah? I need more details to implement this.

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